Things To Do With Family In North Wales

There’s almost TOO many things to do in North Wales when you have kids – it’s a bit unfair really, and makes you want to live there all the time.

Me and the kids go there sometimes to give my partner a chance to have some time to himself, and let me tell you, wrangling three little ones is not an easy task!

That’s why I always plan ahead, and make sure I head somewhere there’s going to be some interesting and educational activities to take them to.

My favourite – and also my oldest’s – is the SeaQuarium in Rhyl. There are nine different zones, but my favourite is always the seahorses, I just love the weird way they move around. They just opened up this extra exhibit called Fantastic Phobias as well, which lets you face your fears – provided they’re insects or spiders, I guess. Anyway my 3 year old screamed his little head off when we saw the rats but I did get told something really cool, that people used to think rats were psychic because they would run away when a ship started sinking, but they’re not really, it’s just that they’d notice first because they were hanging out in the cargo hold. Madness.

Foel Farm Park

Meeting animals and getting to interact with them is so important for encouraging the kids to be loving and compassionate, so a working farm is absolutely perfect. 


They take you around on a tractor so you don’t have to worry about little ones managing to walk it all and when they have enough spare the kids can get a go on a pony too! When we went earlier in the year we bottle fed some lambs and had some food to give to the goats, although one of them tried to eat Jedediah’s hand.

Bangor Swimming Pool

This is just a massive swimming pool with absolutely tons of slides, diving boards, and an outdoor paddling pool!

They have a viewing platform as well so I can sit up there and watch as the kids splash about and nearly kill each other, but at least my youngest gets in free. My kids are real water babies so it’s really nice to see them in their element, even if I can’t join them.

One Day…

When they’re all old enough, I can’t wait to take my family to the Zip World Caverns in Blaenau Ffestiniog. They’re set in this old slate cavern and you get to fly around on zip lines, cross rope bridges and basically explore these amazing caves. The same company also does a thing called Bounce Below where they’ve covered the caves with trampolines and you just go nuts in them! I have to wait until they’re 13 though, or I’d have to join in.

So yes, we’re thankful to the lord that there’s always something fulfilling to do when we visit North Wales with the family!

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