Jesus And The Beloved Disciple

John The Apostle, the apostle closest to Jesus’s heart.

The Apostle who out lived all others. The Apostle with the brother apostle. John reminds us that we can be many things. We can be brave and strong and loving and kind and thunderous and gentle. Beloved and Believed. Feared and felt for. As strong a figure in Jesus’s life as he has been in the life of all Christianity.

Such an important figure cannot be ignored. A towering figure that Christians across the world should study and consider. Consider because he is important. Consider because he is powerful. Consider because he matters. Consider because he was beloved by Jesus.


The older Jesus loved the young John. They shared a passionate love that bonds a master to his servant. This bondage between the older man and the clean faithful boy is one which forms a central part of Christianity and the Catholic church, the denomination that has most taken St John into it’s heart.

It is a bond that has been slandered and besmirched, but it is a holy one and an important one. Jesus knew this and John knew this, and both rejoiced in the glory of their holy bond.

John understood his honour, to be bound to the son of God in the way he was, to be Jesus’s beloved, he understood that honour. As do all who are honoured in such away.

When a divinely blessed soul takes your body as theirs, you experience Gods strength and Gods power, and you realise your weakness, and you submit.

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