You Need Faith, You Need The Lord, But Maybe, Also, You Need A Vicky!

Man is a many sided thing

What does it take to make a person’s life a good one? What is happiness? What is fulfilment? Is there a trick of a skill you can learn that will make life good? It seems life is accumulating ideas and thoughts that you can use to ease your path, make it functioning, make it possible to be happy, make it good. We have so many different wants, so many different needs, so many different sides.


It can seem impossible to satisfy them all, to express them all and keep your different facets happy. You get the job you want, but it means moving to a new city and leaving your friends. You get a group of friends you like, but it means a distance sets in between you and your partner. Can you have it all at once? Is that possible? Perhaps it is down to you not to find a way to have all be happiness, but to find a way to emphasise that which is happy, that which is going well, rather than letting that which is sad overwhelm everything else.

You need to have a little objectivity, a little distance, a little order. You need to manage things. I tidy my house, I get things in order (sometimes you even might pay someone to tidy your house, yeah that’s right, sometimes You Need A Professional Organiser) sometimes we all need someone to help us along. As for me, I guess I’ll just try and feel better, and take note of how I manage to do that, then try and do that again.


The 12 Apostles Part 1


The twelve apostles were the first to follow our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and did so until he died for our sins all those Easters ago. In the first century A.D, during the actual life of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, the 12 apostles (or disciples) where his first first followers. It was the desciples who were responsible for recording and spreading Jesus’s message. But who were they?

Simon (“who is called Peter”)


It is not known if Simon actually wanted to be called Peter, but Jesus in his wisdom clearly decided that it would be for the best. What is most surprising about Simon-who-is-called-Peter to the uninitiated at first is perhaps simply that his name is Simon-who-is-called-Peter. Number 1: were people back then really called Simon? Simon is the nice guy in tech support you’re thinking of going for a drink with, Simon is someone athletic but fairly conventional son, Simon (at best) might be some sort of radio host. But an apostle in the year ‘0001’? It just doesn’t seem right. And then he went to Jesus and introduced himself, and Jesus just started calling him Peter! Because, apparently, it means rock. So actually he went to Jesus and said ‘Hi, my names Simon and I’d like to follow you and spread your teachings’ and Jesus said ‘Well Thank you Rock, that should be a good arrangement. Come Rock, come join the other disciples… Confusing, but we cannot expect to understand all the actions of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Simon was a nice guy who liked to get out of the city and relax, me and my partner sometimes go on ‘St Peter’ holidays where we just find very peaceful retreats (the last one was up in Scotland, lovely place called and we go and just relax and reflect on our lord and on existence in the way that he teaches us to do.


Jesus and the Beloved Disciple

John The Apostle, the apostle closest to Jesus’s heart. The Apostle who out lived all others. The Apostle with the brother apostle. John reminds us that we can be many things. We can be brave and strong and loving and kind and thunderous and gentle. Beloved and Believed. Feared and felt for. As strong a figure in Jesus’s life as he has been in the life of all Christianity. Sucstjohn1h an important figure as cannot be ignored. A towering figure that Christians across the world should study and consider. Consider because he is important. Consider because he is powerful. Consider because he matters. Consider because he was beloved by Jesus. The older Jesus loved the young John. They shared a passionate love that bonds a master to his servant. This bondage between the older man and the clean faithful boy is one which forms a central part of Christianity and the catholic church, the denomination that has most take St John into it’s heart.


It is a bond that has been slandered and besmirched, but it is a holy one and an important one. Jesus new this and John knew this and both rejoiced in the glory of their holy bond. Johnstjohn2 understood his honour, to be bound to the son of God in the way he was, to be Jesus’s beloved, he understood that honour. As do all who are honoured in such away. When a divinely blessed soul takes your body as theirs, you experience Gods strength and Gods power, and you realise your weakness, and yo
u submit.